Holiday Wilderness Romper

Holiday Wilderness Romper

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The No Snap romper is a easy fit style that is put on thru the neck. It fits true to size,even a tad big with extra room in the mid section. There are no crotch snaps for changing. 

The Holiday Wilderness Romper is a white cotton lycra knit with a printed black wilderness theme, and red buffalo plaid sleeves.


(Size: Waist/Chest/Total Height)

Newborn: 16"/15.5"/20.5"
0-3mo: 17.5"/17"/24"
3-6mo: 18.5"/18"/27"
6-9mo: 19"/18.5"/29"
9-12mo: 19.5"/19"/30.5"
12-18mo: 20.25"/19.75"/33"
18-24mo: 21"/20.5"/35"
2-3: 21.5"/21/38"
3-4: 22"/22"/41"
4-5: 22.5"/23"/44"
5-6: 23"/24"/46.5"