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Creamy Brown Cow Flares, Made to Order

Creamy Brown Cow Flares, Made to Order

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Made to Order

The Flares are a great nod to the past but a fun style that is very current right now.  These are designed to have a snug fit to the body and to hit just above the floor with shoes on.  The finished waist has a negative 1". This allows the Flares to stay in place and easily layer under garments.

Please use the size measurements to choose the best size for your child.  If you feel we need to add or remove length please note that.

How to choose a size: Measure around your child's waist at the belly button and choose the size closets to the below measurements

Size Chart: (Measurements in inches)
Baby Flares
(Size/Bust/Waist/Height/Finished Inseam)
0/3mo: 16/15/18/5.75
3/6mo: 17/16/22/7
6/12mo: 18/17/26/8
12/18mo: 19/18/28.5/9.5
18/24mo: 19.5/19/32/11.5

Kid Flares
(Size/Bust/Waist/Hips/Height/Finished Inseam)
2T: 19.5/19/22/35/11.5
3T: 20/19.5/23/38/12
4T: 21/20/24/41/14.25
5: 22/21/25.25/44/16
6: 23/22/26.25/46/18
7: 24.5/23/27.25/49/19.25
8: 25.5/24/28.5/52/21.25
9: 27/25/29.5/55/22
10: 27/25/29.5/55/23.5

Tween Flares
(Size/Bust/Waist/Hips/Height/Finished Inseam)
10: 28.5/25/30/55/24.25
12: 30/26/31.5/58/27.75
14: 31.5/27.5/33/61/27.5
16: 33/28.5/34.5/62.5/29

-orange color is a bit brighter than the mock up shows (just a little)
-print placement will vary 
-flares are typically made of a fabric called bullet, a knit fabric with a unique blend of polyester and spandex that combines a riveted "bullet" texture on one side with a smooth durable texture on the reverse side.

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